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Website Maintenance

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Website Maintenance

Fivesense provides on going, reliable and affordable website maintenance solutions. Website maintenance is generally used for simple updates such as changing text or image on a webpage. It can also be used to add new pages or new functionalities to the websites.

Premium Website Maintenance

Having website maintenance will give you peace of mind. Some of our packages even come with retainer hours. This means you can ask us to make aesthetic changes to your site too! We only offer website maintenance to WordPress sites.

Every website should undergo routine website maintenance! With out it, a site is more vulnerable to security threats, more likely to break and more likely to cause you a massive (and expensive) headache.


We provide quality maintenance and support services to each of our clients, irrespective of small or big business organizations. Fivesense not only provides maintenance but also looks and monitors continued improvements and search engine optimizations for medium to large websites respectively.


Files & Data Backup

We regularly check and monitor your website for efficient functioning. Our services from restoring files and data backup, etc to meet the required needs.


Content Update

We ensure that the content matches with the layout of the website. We spend a great time on researching and ensuring the quality of the content to be updated.


Customer Services

We are really nice people to talk to and we provide professional customer support. Nice people are easy to talk to.


Product Updates

We ensure that the products on your website matches your inventory. We spend a great time on researching and ensuring the quality of the content to be updated.

Ready to get started?

We will offer you support and maintenance services round the clock so that you can fully concentrate on your business and sales. We also look and monitor your website on a regular basis to deliver hassle-free functioning and experience.

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